Living in perfect harmony

Can you hear the song in your head?

Ebony and ivory, living in perfect harmony

I hear a lot of talk about “integrated marketing.” Integrated marketing is something I talk a lot about and it is something that goes by many names.

I know what integrated means to me, but I was curious so I looked up the word INTEGRATED on my favorite word website, Here’s what it said: adjective, combining or coordinating separate elements so as toprovide a harmonious, interrelated whole.

Harmonious. I like that word. Especially to describe marketing. Is your marketing harmonious? Are all of the separate elements working together in harmony, or are they competing with one another for attention?

Across platforms today it is easy to be led astray. Maybe you use a template to create a business card and the guy at the Yellow Pages will create an ad for you for free…oh, and your cousin’s friend knows how to create eNewsletters. Chances are slim that all of these elements will work in harmony. Different platforms, different designers, different creative viewpoints, different copywriters, different deadlines…leads to, well, different marketing materials. It leads to marketing that is inconsistent, doesn’t match, and certainly doesn’t work in harmony.

Become the keeper of your brand, or hire someone to do it for you. Without harmony, consistency, and integration, your brand doesn’t have much of a chance at all.


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