Website Outlines

This service is perfect if you have a website, or know you need a website, but have no idea how to start organizing your content.

Website Writer finds out what your goals are for your site. We start the process of gathering information about needs to be on your site and what you want on your site. From there we create a simple and clear website outline.

Benefits of a Website Outline

Easily track progress of what you have and what you still need to complete your website

Help your designer see the big picture of the site

Communicate to others what is needed and the context

Service includes

  • Discover call or meeting to discuss website goals
  • Gather information
  • Organize it in a way that will translate into a user-friendly website menu
  • Conduct interviews with key employees
  • Fill in gaps and recommend missing information
  • Create a Website Outline that the client can use to get their site started

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