Website Editing

Get your existing website back in shape with Website Editing services. We’ll transform copy from your site into clear, concise and more readable copy.

Just put it on the website

Many businesses and organizations start with a beautiful and well-organized new website, but over the years things get “dumped” on the site without much thought to the big picture. Pages are squeezed in where they don’t fit, information becomes outdated and the entire site turns into a disorganized mess.

Have so-and-so write it

Another challenge for organizations is having multiple people update their site. This leads to multiple styles and tones of voice, and not all of those voices are keeping the brand messaging consistent.

Service includes:

  • Organize copy so information is easy for visitors to find
  • Reduce copy by deleting redundant and outdated information
  • Keep messaging consistent with the brand
  • Maintain a clear and confident voice

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