Walk in their shoes

Have you ever put yourself in your customers’ shoes? Try to imagine what their experience is like. How often do they hear from you, what do they hear, and is it enough to keep them coming back? Pick a customer, any customer. Walk through in your mind what their experience is of your business.

What happens when customers don’t hear from you is that they forget about you. It isn’t that they weren’t pleased with the service or product you provided, it’s just that you weren’t there at the moment they needed you. Psst! Your competitors were there.

There are many ways to “touch” your customers. Emails, phone calls, postcards, social media, letters, meetings, appreciation events, networking events, newsletters, and the list goes on. Not all customers are in all places, so it is important to create a marketing mix that covers all bases. Think about the customer who isn’t active on social media, or the one who never opens your eNewsletter. Is it weeks, months, or even years, before they happen come in contact with your business again?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure that their experience of your business is ongoing. Otherwise they might just walk the other way.

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